Frequently Asked Questions:

The object is too small or large for what I need it for.

All models on Tabletop Minis are designed to suit a 28mm scale, but this doesnt mean you cannot scale the model up when printing. All models are the same 28mm scale, this means you can use the same scaling factor in you're slicing software to match the scale you are using. For example, if you are using a 32mm scale then you will use a scale of about 1.14.

A Small lookup table with some common scales:
Figure Height Scaling Factor
15mm 0.54
18mm 0.64
20mm 0.71
25mm 0.89
28mm 1
30mm 1.07
32mm 1.14
35mm 1.25
40mm 1.43
54mm 1.93

For any other scales use this formula: (1 / 28) x yourscale

I couldn't find an item I was looking for, can I make a suggestion?

Sure you can, I am more than happy to accept suggestions if your unable to find what you are looking for in the products list. To make a suggestion head over to the Contact Us page and select the "Make a Suggestion" subject.

But please note I cannot guarantee if or when a model will be created and made available, this will depend on factors such as my current workload, how simple or complicated the model will be, also if a model lends itself to be easily printed etc.

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