Catacombs Modular DND Wall Tiles Centered


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Catacombs Modular DND Wall Tiles Centered
Catacombs Modular DND Wall Tile Transitions
Base Object
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Catacombs Modular DND Wall Tiles Centered

Item Description

A set of wall tiles connectable using the OpenLOCK system to go along with the Catacombs Modular DND Floor Tiles.

This tile set includes all tiles to create a basic dungeon:
  • Cross Section
  • T Section
  • Corner
  • Diagonal
  • End Section
  • Straight
  • Opening
  • Door Section

    The door section is designed with a hinge. This door can be printed in one peice and a peice of filament can be inserted down in the hinge, then with some force the door can be opened to break the weak connecitons at the base of the door and between the hinges.

    Included with this set are the transition tiles which allow to combine with the Catacombs Modular DND Wall Tiles Offset tiles.

  • Minimum Required Bed Size


    Recommended Printer Type: Fused deposition Modeling (FDM)
    File Type: STL
    Width Length Height
    Minumum Required Bed Size: 165mm (6.5') 164mm (2') 52mm (6.5')
    Scale: 28mm

    Base Object Asset Files

    All Objects

    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.All.stl
    File Size: 6.57 MB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.Corner.stl
    File Size: 573.32 KB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.CrossSection.stl
    File Size: 630.94 KB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.Diagonal.stl
    File Size: 520.1 KB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.Door.stl
    File Size: 2.64 MB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.End.stl
    File Size: 542.07 KB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.Open_LOCK_Clip.stl
    File Size: 36.41 KB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.Opening.stl
    File Size: 531.04 KB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.Straight.stl
    File Size: 584.07 KB


    Asset File: Catacombs_Modular_DND_Wall_Tiles_Centered.BaseObject.TSection.stl
    File Size: 608.58 KB

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